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Qiushi Advocates Red Culture to Safeguard the CCP’s Ruling Status

On September 24, 2013, Qiushi, a journal of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, published an article titled, “Red Culture: The Chinese People’s Spiritual Backbone.”  The "red culture," according to the article, is the “advanced culture” that the Chinese Communist Party created during the process of leading the Chinese people of all ethnic groups to carry out the revolution (overthrowing the Nationalist government that the Kuomintang Party led), to build the nation (the People’s Republic of China) and to reform the country’s economy. China’s red culture originated from Marxism-Leninism and selected “excellent” traditional Chinese culture including folk culture and selected “excellent” world culture. “We can proudly announce that the Chinese Communists and the Chinese people are excellent successors and developers of mankind’s outstanding cultures.”

According to the article, the soul of the red culture is Marxism and the theme of the red culture is the socialist ideal with the Chinese characteristics, i.e., the China dream. The purpose of promoting China’s red culture is to fight against 1) the infiltration of universal values, 2) Neoliberalism that advocates complete privatization across the country, 3) "constitutional democracy" which copies the Western multiparty system and would subvert the Chinese Communist Party’s ruling status, 4) the theory of "modern civil society" that permits the set up of new political forces and opposition parties, 5) the public intellectuals’ theory which would create a legal basis and the space in public opinion for intellectual dissidents, and 6) freedom of the press which would negate the principle of the Party’s control over news reports. The article further enumerates several suggestions on how to promote China’s red culture and expand the soft power of red culture.

Source: Qiushi, September 24, 2013