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The CCP Is Effective in Its International Propaganda Efforts

James Sheen (沈榮欽), is Assistant Professor at York University, Toronto, Canada and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at National Chengchi University, Taiwan. He posted on Facebook that research showed that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) propaganda against the international audience is very effective.

He said some scholars from Yale University and Harvard University conducted some multi-country research to compare the international propaganda of China with the information from the U.S. Of course, the U.S. promotes democracy and China promotes an authoritarian system.

The researchers sampled 19 countries across six continents, ranging from dictatorships and semi-democracies, to democratic countries, with low, medium, and high incomes. On average, after being exposed to the CCP’s propaganda, people who think that China’s authoritarian system is better than the U.S. democratic system has tripled from 16 percent to 54 percent. The percentage is even higher in Africa and Latin America where the CCP has  focused many of ts diplomacy activities. The U.S. propaganda has had a much smaller influence on people.

Source: Facebook, Posting by James Sheen