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Guangming Daily: The Party Must Use the Magic Weapon of Struggle

On October 21, 2013, the China National Defense University Research Center published a special commentary in Guangming Daily on Xi Jinping’s remarks that “[We] are engaged in a great struggle that has many new historical features; we face unprecedented challenges and difficulties.” 

According to the Report of the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, “The Party is confronting the challenges to a ruling party, the challenges of reform and opening up, the challenges of the market economy, and the challenges from the external environment, all of which are long-term, complicated, and severe. The dangers of slacking off, of a lack of capacity, of being disconnected from masses, and of corruption are expressly placed in front of the whole Party.” 
The commentary stated that these tests and dangers are the test of the century for the Party and that carrying on the struggle is the necessary way to deal with them. “Faced with the danger of the demise of the Party and the country, the Chinese Communist Party can only bring about a bright future by using the magic weapon of struggle.” 

Source: Guangming Daily, October 21, 2013