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Qiushi: There Is No Such Thing as Universal Values

Qiushi published an article proposing that there is no such thing as the "universal values" that the West advocates. 

Qiushi stated that the international community has never reached a common understanding as to a set of values. “There are so many countries in the world with such diverse cultures and value systems. Which of them has values that could be called "universal"? Which of their systems could not become “universal values”? There has to be an acceptable screening procedure that would allow all countries to express their views. If only a few Western countries have the final say on such an important matter, where in this world is there justice and fairness?” 
“Some Western countries prefer to use abstract concepts to bluff, while, behind the scenes, they engage in deliberations over their selfish strategic interests. Today, we ought to transform this abstract concept into something specific. Then we can ask a few whys so we will not be fooled by this Western discourse. The West spreads the concept everywhere that democracy is a ‘universal value.’ We can clearly respond: democracy can be a value most people agree to, but the Western democratic system was not, is not, and never will be a ‘universal value.’” 
Source: Qiushi, October 16, 2013