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Xinhua on the U.S. National Military Strategy Report

On February 8, 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense published the National Military Strategy of United States of America 2011. Xinhua published several articles discussing the book. One review stated that in its military strategy, the U.S. will focus on Internet wars and on the Asia-Pacific region. Regarding an Internet war, the article gave the following summary: In developing the future armed forces, the new strategy stresses the “threat of an Internet war,” and for the first time lists “coping with the threat of an Internet war” as a separate military strategy. (1)

Another article was titled, “The U.S. National Military Strategy Report Is Meant to Target China.” The article said, “The report didn’t overtly mention China, but China’s influence is obvious in the text.” “Even when it’s not talking about Asia, the main focus is not too far away from China’s military expansion.” The article relied heavily on foreign media reports to make its point. (2)

Sources: Xinhua, February 10, 2011