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China’s Development and Reform Commission Manages National Defense Mobilization

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a macroeconomic management agency under the State Council, is managing the country’s defense mobilization efforts. Several Chinese provinces and cities have listed their defense mobilization offices under the NDRC’s management, including Shanghai and Fujian.

According to scholars, military operations require economic mobilization and resource dispatch, which is one of the main responsibilities of the NDRC. In addition to managing economic construction, the NDRC works with relevant authorities to formulate strategies to promote the coordinated development of economic and national defense construction and undertakes specific work related to the National Defense Mobilization Commission.

Chen Shimin, an associate professor of the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University, explained that national defense mobilization involves the overall economy, resource allocation, and scheduling. For example, in the event of a military operation, it is necessary to get manpower to the battlefield, which requires the coordination of the production of materials by the NDRC and other related operations.

China Defense News, the official outlet for the People’s Liberation Army, notes that the new round of national defense mobilization system reform is characterized by the establishment of national defense mobilization offices in a number of places and transferring the functions of coordination and management from the provincial military districts to the local governments. This change aims to address the situation of military organs doing everything and to organize and deploy resources in a better manner so as to form an overall joint force to deal with war or emergencies.

Overall, the management of national defense mobilization by the NDRC highlights the importance of coordination between economic and defense efforts in China. With the establishment of national defense mobilization offices in various places, the country can better prepare for potential emergencies and respond more effectively to military operations.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), February 28, 2023