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China’s Military Spending to Increase by 7.2 Percent

On March 6th, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei responded to the 7.2 percent increase in the military budget for 2023 by stating that China’s “limited defense spending is entirely to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.” The additional funds will be allocated toward strengthening military training and preparation, as well as major projects in science, technology, and equipment.

Tan explained that the Chinese government adheres to the policy of “coordinated development of national defense and economic construction,” and “reasonably determines” the scale of defense spending based on national defense needs and the level of national economic development. Over the past few years, China has maintained “moderate growth” in defense spending while ensuring sustained and healthy economic and social development. This approach aims to promote “simultaneous enhancement of national defense strength and economic strength.”

According to Tan, China’s increased defense spending this year will primarily be used to: comprehensively strengthen military training and preparation for war, in line with the 14th Five-Year Plan for military construction; accelerate the construction of a modernized logistics system; implement major projects in defense science and technology and weaponry, and transform science and technology into combat power; consolidate and expand the achievements of national defense and military reform; and improve the level of military governance. The increased funding will also adapt to the level of national economic and social development and continuously improve the working, training, and living conditions of troops.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), March 6, 2023