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General Luo Yuan on China’s New State Security Committee

Major General Luo Yuan of the People’s Liberation Army wrote an article in which he stated that China’s New State Security Committee is to handle long term security matters from a strategic perspective. 

“The establishment of the State Security Committee is not geared towards a specific matter, such as the Japan issue, the South China Sea, the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands and other issues. It is not for any specific issue but is based on strategic and longer-term considerations, namely the country’s long-term stability.” 
Luo expressed the belief that various domestic reforms have now entered “deep waters,” touching the issue of system reform. The reform of the State security system requires that a top level apparatus be responsible for overall strategy. 
“In addition, we cannot avoid the reality of certain threats and challenges. To some extent, that reality is what accelerated the birth of the State Security Committee. China is now faced with a complex security environment, which includes both traditional and non-traditional security. It also faces challenges due to the gaming of some of the major powers, the borders on land, islands at sea, and maritime borders. Meanwhile, China also faces pressure from ‘three forces,’ namely terrorism, separatism, and extreme nationalism.” 
Source: International Herald Leader, November 25, 2013