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Huanqiu: China Has the Top Killer Weapon to Attack the Most Stubborn Provocateur

On December 10, 2013, Huanqiu, the Chinese version of Global Times, published an article on the security threats that China faces. According to the article, China has to deal with complicated security threats from outside and inside of China, as well as security threats that are intertwined both externally and internally. External security threats from the outside mainly refer to the U.S. "return to Asia," while internal security threats refer to unbalanced economic development, pollution, the huge gap between the rich and the poor, social conflicts, and the splits in political consensus among the leadership. As outside "hostile forces" are in collusion with inside "hostile forces" through modern information technology (the Internet), China faces intertwined external and internal security threats, such as Western hostile forces’ political, ideological and cultural infiltration. Western hostile forces have also selected and trained some public intellectuals, Big Vs (online celebrities or influential microbloggers) and young government and military officials to spread a lot of dangerous information on the Internet in order to confuse the Chinese people. If the Chinese government does not watch out, China will be in chaos. The unrest in the Arabic countries is a good lesson.

The article listed several ways to solve the security problems. 1) Strengthen co-ordination under the leadership of the newly established National Security Council. 2) Strengthen power building in national security research, the military, information, technology, finance, transportation, nuclear, and the biochemistry industries. 3) Apply strategies wisely in order to isolate the small numbers of enemies and strengthen united front work. Increase scientific and technological innovation and have the courage to surpass others. China has the world’s most powerful conventional ballistic missile, the top killer weapon, to attack the most stubborn provocateur.

Source: Huanqiu, December 10, 2013