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Guangming Daily: Rebutting the China Internet Threat Allegations

Guangming Daily published an opinion article dealing with the “China Internet Threat” allegations that have appeared in Western media. The article claimed that, since Google gave substantial publicity to its being “attacked by Chinese hackers,” the Western media have regularly reported on China’s “Internet surveillance,” “Internet hacking,” and “establishing an Internet army." The article also mentioned that Hillary Clinton attacked China when she gave a speech about Internet freedom. Canadian media also reported that the Canadian government website had been hacked recently; hackers obtained some highly confidential information. The hack was traced to a server in China. It seems that the “China Internet Threat” allegation is heating up again. The author claimed that the above accusations are groundless and listed the following rebuttals. 1) It is a custom that every country administers its necessary controls. 2) Each year over 100 countries’ intelligence departments attempt to get U.S. government and corporation’s information. Why single out China as a threat? 3) As early as 2009, the United States had already set up an Internet war headquarters. It was the first country to include a war organization as part of its Internet strategy.

Source: Guangming Daily, February, 23, 2011