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Forty-Eight Taiwan’s Retired Generals Involved in Beijing Espionage Case

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Kaohsiung city of Southern Taiwan has indicted former retired navy Rear Admiral Xia Fuxiang (夏复翔) and former Kuomintang (KMT) legislator Luo Zhiming (罗志明) for their involvement in introducing retired military generals to visit China and receive United Front ideology, with the aim of developing spy organizations in China. The number of retired officers introduced over the past six years reached 48, with 13 missions and 194 trips.

The retired generals involved in this espionage case came from all military branches, with ranks of lieutenant colonel or higher. Major General Guan Benkun (官本鲲), former senior official of the National Security Council, was invited to China 10 times, while Chen Shengwen (陈盛文), former head of Heng Shan Military Command Center, visited nine times. Even high-ranking naval officers, including the former Vice Commander-in-Chief, former Chief of Operations, former Lieutenant General Commander of the Department of Corrections, and former Vice Admiral of the Naval Command, have been invited to mainland China.

The indictment reveals that these retired generals claimed that China used the visits to promote “one country, two systems,” “armed reunification,” “peaceful reunification,” and other content with the intention of turning them against Taiwan. Moreover, Beijing collected intelligence on Taiwan’s missile defense, military buildup, defense technologies, as well as the personalities of defense officials and military leaders.

The indictment suggests that restrictions on retired military personnel visiting China were relaxed during Ma Ying-jeou’s presidency, following former KMT Chairman Lien Chan’s ice-breaking trip to China, enabling high ranking officers to visit China. This has given the Chinese Communist Party a window of opportunity to engage in United Front work.

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 30, 2023