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Communist Party Issued Five Year Anti-Corruption Work Plan

According to Xinhua, on December 26, 2013, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party issued a “2013 to 2017 Work Plan to Establish a Sound System for Punishing and Preventing Corruption.” 

The Party’s notice announcing the Work Plan stated, “Moving forward with the establishment of a system to punish and prevent corruption is an important implementation of the Party’s 18th Congress and its 3rd Plenary Session. It is a major political task of the Party and the common responsibility of the whole society. … The Work Plan is an important basis that will guide the clean government and anti-corruption campaigns for the next five years.” 
The Work Plan states, “[We must] uphold that there should be no exception before the law of the country and the discipline of the Party, no matter who it is and no matter how high his rank. As long as the law of the country or the discipline of the Party is violated, [we] must conduct a thorough investigation to track it down all the way and will absolutely not tolerate it.” 
The work plan also stated that if the problems of corruption are not handled properly, “they will critically harm the Party, and even lead the Party or nation to perish." 
Source: Xinhua reprinted by People’s Daily, December 26, 2013