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The 12th Politburo Collective Study: Xi Jinping Stresses Improving China’s Cultural Soft Power

On December 30, the Chinese Communist Party Politburo conducted the12th collective study (of 2013) on the topic of how to enhance China’s national cultural soft power. Xi Jinping presided over the study, stressing that improving China’s national cultural soft power is a matter related to the realization of the "bi-centennial" goals and China’s great rejuvenation the China Dream.

Professor Shen Zhuanghai from Wuhan University and Professor Huang Zhijian from the National Publicity Cadre Institute gave lectures on the subject. 
Xi said that to enhance national cultural soft power, [we] should strive to spread the values of contemporary China, namely, the values of socialism with Chinese characteristics and strive to increase China’s international discourse power. 

Source: Xinhua, December 31, 2013