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Qiushi: Central and Local Administrations to Start Repositioning Their Authoritative Power

Qiushi published an article on the new move to reposition the authoritative power between the central and local administrations. The article stated, “This move is needed in order to fully mobilize the initiatives emanating from both the central and district administrations. While the central administration needs to minimize its micro control of those local affairs that are of a smaller scale, it should also strengthen its macro management power and exercise strict supervision over the local districts. On the other hand, the local administrations should increase their sense of unity as a nation while actively defending the authority of the central administration.”

The article said that the relationship between central and local administration has always been a delicate issue. In the recently published “Decision on Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening Reform in Brief,” a number of areas examined the relationship between the two.

The article also discussed and listed examples of how to implement the measures in areas such as finance and legal and municipal debt management, as well as how to maintain a good balance of power between the central and local administrations.

Source: Qiushi Theory, January 2, 2014