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CNA: Employment Rate of Shanghai College Graduates is 32 Percent

Primary Taiwanese news agency Central News Agency (CNA) recently reported that China’s employment situation is grim, and college students are frequently found unable to get a job. Lates statistics showed that in Shanghai, China’s most prosperous city, the current average employment rate of fresh graduates from colleges and universities is only 32.8 percent. According to government official announcement, the number of college graduates in Shanghai this year reached 236,000, a record high. On March 16, the Shanghai authorities launched the spring employment promotion campaign, and intensively held employment and internship job fairs. Many Chinese netizens called the employment status of this year’s fresh graduates “disastrous.” A netizen said that 20 out of 30 people around him were preparing the entrance exams for civil servants. Last year’s data showed that, even the top universities in Shanghai are facing challenging employment situation for their students. Shanghai Jiaotong University, which ranks first in science and engineering, has a rate of only 65 percent among fresh graduates who obtained employment agreements. Fudan University, the strongest in literature category, had more than 65 percent of graduates last year going on to further studies, 21.42 percent were employed, and 13.8 percent were unemployed. Some observers expressed the belief that, this is the reality of college students. There is really no good place to go in the society. China’s industrial upgrade has failed.

Source: CNA, April 15, 2023