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China Implements New Conscription Regulations

China implemented a revised conscription law as of May 1. It allows for the re-enlistment of retired soldiers and for the conscription of students with high-tech training. According to experts, China’s long-term military preparation is necessary to counter the declining birth rate and prepare for a potential high-tech war. Chen Shih-min, an associate professor at National Taiwan University’s Department of Political Science, stated that manpower is one of the essential resources in warfare. China’s previous one-child policy practice and the high cost of raising children put China into a negative population growth. Facing the conscription difficulty, Beijing tried to revise the relevant laws to bring back retired soldiers. Chen added that a high-tech war requires specialized talent in the field of AI, robotics, and other high-tech areas. Also, conscription should prioritize students with such training. Overall, China is in a state of long-term military preparedness, and any military mobilization serves as a reminder for Taiwan. The Nikkei Asia report directly pointed out that the new conscription law is aimed at the Taiwan Strait conflict.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), May 2, 2023