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Study Times: How to Improve China’s Global Influence

The Chinese Communist Party Central Party School’s magazine, Study Times, recently published an article discussing how to enhance the power of China’s global influence. The article set a two-step goal for the Chinese economy: to catch up with the United States in the total volume of its economy within fifty years and to surpass the U. S. in per-person average GDP in another fifty years. To achieve these goals, the author offered a four-point strategy: 1) To push the construction of a green economy, which will solve the issue of resource constraint and achieve sustainability; 2) To push the reform of China’s income structure to achieve more fairness in the distribution of wealth; 3) To push innovation-driven growth to take advantage of a wiser population; 4) To construct a strong financial system, aimed at the U.S. dollar, the U.S. central bank, and the highly efficient U.S. financial market. The author concluded the article by calling for a stronger leadership of the Communist Party to lead the nation to the new global high ground. 
Source: Study Times, January 13, 2014