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China Review News: The U.S. Cotinues its Tricks with Internet Freedom

China Review News republished an article by a Chinese scholar nicknamed “Dong Shen" (meaning "Statement from the East") criticizing U.S. “Internet freedom.” The article stated, “There is a saying called ‘Internet freedom.’ It is said to have originated in the U.S. in February 2010. One year later, on February 15, 2011, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a speech on ‘Internet Freedom,’ in relation to the political turmoil in North African and Middle East countries. She further explained ‘Internet Freedom’ in more detail, and specifically included it in the framework of U.S. foreign policy.” The article continued, “Every citizen on earth who knows a little about the various U.S. ‘freedoms’ understands that ‘Internet freedom’ is nothing new. It is, in essence, another U.S. trick to impose American values on other countries. The fundamental issue is that the U.S. wants to expand its interests around the world, using American values to control other countries.” The article concluded, “Facing ‘Internet freedom,’ we (Chinese) must resolutely walk the path of the ‘Chinese style Internet.’ A Chinese style Internet is the requirement of the Chinese style Socialist path.”

Source: China Review News, March 2, 2011