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Hi-IQ Crimes Are Surging in China

An Internet article talked about how the current economic downfall in China has caused a spike in crimes, many of which are high intelligence crimes.

According to official numbers, 30 key cities in China have taken in more than half of China’s total fiscal income. Among these 30 cities, except Beijing, Shenzhen (in Guangdong Province), and Chengdu (in Sichuan Province), all other cities had poorer housing sales in April than a year ago. More than half of these cities saw that the total square footage sold dropped 30 percent or more.

Many other products are also having had difficulties being sold and their inventories have skyrocketed. Huawei and its subsidiary Honor have 10 million mobile phones in stock. BYD cars are piled in garages. Jiuguijiu, a famous strong Chinese liquor containing around 50 percent alcohol, currently  has over 1,000 tons of liquor in stock, while its annual sales in 2022 was just 1,147 tons.

The economic problem has led to a surge in crime. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate published its first quarter data, showing that the procuratorate system approved the arrest of 10,923 people for crimes of fraud in this period. It also sued 18,146 people in court on fraud charges, making fraud crime the fifth largest crime type in the first quarter. This implied that there were at least 100,000 criminal cases brought to court in the first quarter.

Searching the key words of “government” or “bank” on the People’s court website returned many results. This indicates that many local governments or banks have defaulted.

The websites for crimes of fraud have frequently been updated in terms of their styles and content, expanding from telemarketing fraud, financial fraud, and loan fraud to senior housing fraud, medical insurance fraud, and collectible fraud. Many fraud rings are well organized, with a clear division on work and strict hierarchical management. Criminals have evolved from using only the telephone to using the Internet, and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analysis.

Source: VCT News, May 10, 2023