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Red Flag Manuscript: China Cannot Replicate the U.S. Model

Red Flag Manuscript, a publication of the  Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, published an article "China Cannot Replicate the U.S. Model." The author is the executive editor of Ifeng Weekly, a magazine run by Hong Kong based Phoenix TV. The article starts by describing the U.S. as “claiming freedom, democracy, and justice domestically, and being militaristic and hegemonic externally.” “To China, today the U.S. uses the compliment of ‘strategic partner,’ and tomorrow brandishes its fist with the label of ‘China threat.’” The article argues that concepts of American freedom and democracy do not fit in China. The author further argues that the U.S. will not trust China no matter how its political system might change. “U.S. foreign policy is guided by pragmatism. Americans will view a strong China with suspicion, whether or not it is free and democratic. In the eyes of Americans and even other Westerners, China belongs in a different category.” The article concludes that China must continue in the direction of socialism. The U.S. model is not suitable for China, nor is it for other developing countries, whereas the path China is following can be a good example for other developing countries to learn from. 

Source: Red Flag Manuscript, March 7, 2011