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China Establishes Central Internet Security and Information Leading Group

On February 27, 2014, China declared the establishment of the Central Internet Security and Information Leading Group and held its first meeting in Beijing. The CPC Central Committee General Secretary and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping himself assumed the head position of the group. Li Keqiang and Liu Yunshan were assigned as the deputy heads. Xi gave a speech at the meeting. 

According to China’s state-run media report, the event signals that China is taking an important step forward in the national strategy of Internet security and information technology. Xi called on turning China from a big Internet country into a "global Internet power" [with the most Internet users in the world]. Xi pointed out that, if [the nation] is without Internet security, there is no national security. Xi also stressed the importance of Internet control. Xi said, “Online media [control] work is a long-term task. [We] must innovate and improve our online propaganda, spread our main message, stimulate positive energy, cultivate and practice the socialist core values, effectively guide online media, and have a clear cyberspace.” 
Source: Xinhua, February 27, 2014