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Qiushi Theory: Clarification of Questions Relating to the System of Ideology

Qiushi Theory published an article that included clarification on 18 questions related to ideology. Below is a partial translation of the some of the questions.

As to questions about the key issues in the current field of ideology, the answer is it includes the following: the use of the West’s “democratic constitutionalism” to negate China’s political system; the use of “neoliberalism” to destroy public ownership; the use of the media having a so called “independent media view” to guide the media; the use of "universal values” to mislead people; the use “civil society” to decrease cohesiveness; the use “historical determinism” to deny the history of modern China; the use “far-left ideology” to negate reform and the open door policy.

As to the question of constitutionalism, the answer is that constitutionalism is an element of capitalism. Basically it consists of locking up power and giving the key to capitalism. It is obviously contradictory to the concept of socialism and the public will never allow it.

As to the question of “universal values,” the answer is it is a religious concept which means egoism and the elimination of different views. Recently the West has been exporting their value system to mislead the Chinese people. The real universal values are to seek truth from facts and to respect each country in walking its own unique path.

As to the question of the essence of “freedom of the press in the west,” the answer is that many people misunderstand the true meaning of freedom of the press. The U.S. often claims it has freedom of the press. The reality, however, is that it institutes tough restrictions on the media and adopts a double standard: it condemns those who do not agree with its political view and value system and uses distorted facts to protect its own rights.

As to the question of the struggle between different ideologies, the answer is that social turmoil often starts with confusion on ideology. Recently the Western anti-China forces and parties tried to stir up trouble in order to interfere with our ideology, to confuse the people, and eventually to cause chaos in China. The central administration has determined that the current ideology struggle is fierce and complicated. As patriotic netizens, we should automatically protect the safety of China’s ideology system.

Source: Qiushi Theory, March 14, 2014