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Wang Qishan: More Focused Inspections Deter Corruption

Wang Qishan, Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, announced at the kickoff of the 2014 inspections that, for the first time, these inspections will include a new category called “special inspections.” Since the 18th Congress of the Communist Party in November 2012, the central government has conducted two rounds of inspections that covered 11 provinces and cities, as well as nine departments of the central government. 

Wang observed, “One cannot ignore the enormous contribution the inspection system made in the 2013 anti-corruption process. Whether killing flies or capturing tigers, routine inspections uncovered a lot of traces and signs of corruption, solved a lot of problems, won popular support and satisfied public opinion.” 
In 2014, the central government will conduct routine inspections at 10 local governments including Beijing and Tianjin, and special inspections at China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation Group, Fudan University, and China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The new special inspections are meant to be flexible and responsive, ad hoc and focused, and effective in deterring further corruption. 

Source: People’s Daily, March 17, 2014