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BBC Chinese: Mainland Poll on Taiwan Militarily Reunification

BBC Chinese recently reported that the well-known periodical Journal of Contemporary China published the results of a poll of nearly 1,800 Mainland Chinese citizens regarding the military reunification of Taiwan. According to the poll results, 55 percent of respondents expressed support for Beijing’s military reunification of Taiwan and 33 percent disagreed with the use of force. Only 1 percent expressed their desire to launch a war against Taiwan immediately. Studies of Mainland people’s views on cross-Taiwan-Strait issues, due to the political sensitivity of the topic, have been rare. The most important finding of this latest poll was that people in Mainland China are relatively willing to consider different means to solve the Taiwan issue besides military force.

The results of the study show that the military approach did not enjoy overwhelming support among the respondents. At the moment when the situation across the Taiwan Strait is tense and the relationship between the United States and China is not harmonious, the poll has aroused attention.

Some observers outside of China have raised some concern over the results of the survey. Consider that 55 percent, more than half of the respondents, support military action against Taiwan. Thus, even if China were to suddenly become a democracy, Taiwan might still be under threat. It is surprising that 22 percent of the respondents agreed that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait do not necessarily need to be unified. The poll also found that older, male, and highly educated respondents were more supportive of the use of drastic measures, including the military. This Research poll was conducted via an online opt-in panel. The sample respondents were from all across mainland China, ranging across different ages, incomes and genders. The survey was conducted between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. A total of more than 2,000 questionnaires were collected.

Source: BBC Chinese, May 30, 2023