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Qiushi: The Bankruptcy of “Universal” Western Liberalism

Qiushi published a commentary on the universal right of “all are created equal” and stated that this fallacy went bankrupt because it could not bridge the gap between the ideal and reality. 

“History has proven that adherence to the right of discourse of Marxism in the ideological field is to firmly uphold the one-Party’s guiding ideology. With plural guiding ideologies, even the original working class party (such as the Social Democratic Party) might transform into a bourgeois party. The reason is that, with plural guiding ideologies, it appears that all thoughts and ideas are equal. But under the capitalist dominance (including today’s "the West stronger than the East" situation), the pluralism in ideology, in fact, cancels any existing independence of the dominant ideology, not to mention boycotting and rising above and beyond the dominant ideology. One is bound to become a captive of bourgeois ideology.” 
Source: Qiushi, March 25, 2014