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Qiushi: China’s Socialism and Its Global significance

Qiushi published an article on the rise of China and its significance for the world. The article stated that China has promised that it will never seek hegemony or compete with the West for the “center.” In the 20th century, the West failed to dominate the world with the Western model. The West cannot do it in the 21st century either. China has proven this point with its own development. "The success of China’s way is the success of socialism. …  The rise of China shows that world socialism has a strong vitality and there is hope for its revival. … Therefore, we are engaged in socialism rather than anything else. This should be very clear. We should be righteous and cannot avoid this point. … As long as a socialist China exists, there is hope that world socialism will revive.” 

Source: Qiushi, April 4, 2014