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People’s Daily Overseas Edition: Xi Jinping Explained Why Western-Style Democracy Is Wrong for China

On April 3, 2014, People’s Daily Overseas Edition published an article acclaiming Xi Jinping’s "Socialism Is the Only Way’ speech given in Belgium on April 1, 2014. In his speech, Xi explained that the Chinese people had “experimented with constitutional monarchy, imperial restoration, parliamentarianism, a multi-party system, and presidential government, yet nothing really worked.” “Finally, China took the path of socialism.”

The article further elaborated on Xi’s statement and explained why the Chinese Communist Party must be the only state power in China. According to the article, there is no democracy that is not class bound. Multi-party competition and free elections are games for wealthy people. The article concluded, “We should cherish our existing political system. We cannot irresponsibly conduct "political reform through trial and error."

Source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition, April 3, 2014