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Obama’s Nomination of Gary Locke Is a Trick

A Professor from Tongji University in Shanghai published an article in Global Times commenting on Obama’s nomination of Gary Locke as the next U.S. ambassador to China. He believes that it is a terrific American trick. “Americans never cared about whether they understood Chinese issues or not. … Gary Locke said that the China-U.S. relationship is ‘one of the most important and most complicated diplomatic, economic, and strategic relationships the U.S. has.’ In layman’s language it means: politically, the two countries are competitors, or even enemies, whereas economically they are interdependent. Obama ascribed (the appointment) to two points: ‘striving to solve the global security issue’ and ‘creating opportunities for American corporations and American labor.’ How to solve ‘global security issue?’ Specifically, Chinese should stay within the confines delimited by the Americans. Don’t get into the Taiwan issue, support North Korea, or mess around in the South China Sea. As for ‘expanding opportunities for Americans,’ it is … to let 1.3 billion hardworking Chinese support 200 million Americans’ comfortable and noble lifestyle. In Americans’ minds, this is the essence of the China-U.S. relationship.” 

Source: Global Times, March 18, 2011