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Qiushi: Have a Clear Understanding of Western Cultural Exports

Qiushi recently published a commentary in which it called for having a clear understanding of how the West uses its cultural exports to change the countries it targets. 

It observed, “Take the United States for example. It manipulates its culture to influence the cultural values of the people in other countries, especially the decision-making elite, so that these countries adopt systems and development strategies in line with U.S. interests.” Specifically, such cultural exports have three characteristics: First, the U.S. positions itself as the advocate of freedom and democracy against autocracy. Once accepted, the West, as led by the U.S., is viewed as the defender of human rights and the symbol of freedom. Countries with different political systems are labeled as totalitarian or autocratic. Thus, the United States easily overcomes the [hurdle of] national sovereignty. The pursuit of its interests then becomes an effort to maintain fairness and justice. Second, [the United States] influences the elite in developing countries to adopt the U.S. political and economic systems [and to weaken their control over the government of their countries]. Once the elite are brainwashed into achieving American style prosperity by following the U.S. systems, these counties’ independence are severely weakened. Unknowingly, they allow the United States to lead them. Third, if the United States encounters strong resistance, it launches a "color revolution" using "freedom and democracy" as weapons to subvert the existing government and achieve its own geopolitical interests. 
Source: Qiushi, April 16, 2014