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Xi’s Speech Revealed Beijing Is Preparing for the Possibility of Being Excluded from the International Market

Xinhua reported Xi Jinping’s visit to Inner Mongolia from June 6 to 9. In one speech he gave, Xi stated that China’s talk of domestic economic circulation (focusing on the domestic economy) is the strategy when China is excluded from the international market, indicating that the top Chinese leaders are discussing and preparing for such a possibility.

The Xinhua report said:

In the midst of various foreseeable and unforeseeable “storms” and “turbulent waves,” the most important thing for us is to do well is our own thing. General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important words to use: “To build a new (economic) development pattern, the first thing is to get the major domestic circulation right, which is the fundamental solution. (Talking about a) ‘double circulation’ economy (business with other countries and business within China) is not to close the door (of China), but rather when others do not open the door to us, we can still live and live better. We open our door. Whoever comes to cooperate with us is welcome.”

General Secretary Xi Jinping talked about the road to (China’s) rejuvenation under the new situation: “Some countries want to do hegemony; they want to do monopoly, and want us to follow them as their vassals. Our Chinese nation must revive! We must continue to overcome difficulties and go to the next level!”

Source: China’s Government Site, June 10, 2023