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UDN: Alfred University Closed Its Confucius Institute

United Daily News (UDN), one of the primary Taiwanese news groups, recently reported that Alfred University, which is in New York, recently announced that it will close its Confucius Institute before the end of June. The university received a grant from the Pentagon to carry out a research project on sensitive hypersonic weapons, which drew concerns from Congress starting on October. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of the United States for the fiscal year 2021 prohibits the Department of Defense from providing funds to higher education institutions that have Confucius Institutes. Mike Gallagher, chairman of the House Select Committee on China, pointed out that, due to this ban, as of June last year, more than 100 American colleges and universities had closed their Confucius Institutes. Gallagher pointed out that unless Alfred University closes its Confucius Institute or applies for a government exemption, the subsidized research program will become illegal. The Confucius Institute is just one of many tools in the Chinese Communist Party’s toolbox, and Beijing may also use research partnerships, talent programs, and other initiatives to acquire sensitive technology that will advance the People’s Liberation Army. According to the statistics of the National Association of Scholars, under the joint control of the executive and legislative branches of the United States. In recent years, as of March 22 this year, a total of 108 Confucius Institutes in the United States had been closed or wee being closed, and currently only 13 remain.

Source: UDN, June 17, 2023