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Qiushi: China Has Achieved a Decisive Success Following Its Own Path

Qiushi published a commentary on the failure of the West’s market fundamentalism and democratic fundamentalism and the success China has had following its own path. 

According to the commentary, the West, particularly the United States, has been persistent in pushing for its own political system based on market fundamentalism and democratic fundamentalism. However, the effect seems to be getting worse and color revolutions have completely faded as Ukraine is in the middle of separatist unrest. 
On the other hand, “With the further rise of China, the whole world will reflect more on the problems caused by the Western model, the chaos and even disaster, especially the absurdity of ‘"market fundamentalism’ and ‘democratic fundamentalism.’ China took its own path due to its unique cultural traditions, historical destiny, and national conditions. These have determined the future direction of China. China has achieved a decisive success in exploring its own path of development.” 
Source: Qiushi, April 28, 2014