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China Review News Commentary on the Challenges that the Chinese Communist Party Faces

China Review News carried a commentary on the challenges that the Chinese Communist Party faces. According to the commentary, the most important issue that the Party faces is how the Party can develop as the ruling Party guided by Marxist ideology and how the Party can sustain its long term power and governing capability. The commentary listed a number of crises that the Party faces. One is the test of the Party’s ability to govern, as well as the challenge to the Party’s legitimacy to rule. Other issues include that the public lacks channels for participating in politics. The mechanism of the current market economy cannot effectively constrain the alliance between power and money. This has caused the central economic policy to be blocked when carried down to the district. A number of social ideologies collide with each other. The process of educating people on the core value system needs to be further developed and strengthened. Some Party cadres ideals and beliefs are shaky. The Party is facing a crisis in managing social crises, while social uprisings continue to increase. Finally, social distrust is emerging more and more frequently.

Source: China Review News, April 27, 2014