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Party Publications Are Just Junk

A report published by Toutiao, a Chinese news and information content platform, revealed that nobody reads the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) publications. However, this report, titled, “The Party Newspaper and Party Publications, How Long Can You Survive?” is no longer available due to the CCP’s Internet control.

The article reported a case in which a local postal office signed an agreement with an institution. The agreement was that the post office would stop delivering the party’s newspaper and publications to which that institution had subscribed. Instead, the post office would just keep them in its storage area and after a certain time, sell them as old paper (in China authorities pay a little money for old paper and books for recycling). The postal service would then give the institution the money, including the proceeds from selling the party publications and the cost savings from the delivery service.

In China, the CCP forces government offices and institutions to subscribe to many party newspapers and publications. In some places it even requires individual party members or school teachers to subscribe to party publications using their own money.

Source: Epoch Times, June 18, 2023