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HK01: German Intelligence Agency Identified China as the Biggest Threat to Economic and Scientific Espionage

Popular Hong Kong new online media HK01 Network recently reported that, Germany just released the Report of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Although Germany releases this report every year, this time it is extraordinary both in terms of the strength of its warnings and in measuring changes in Germany’s security environment within a year. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said at a press conference that Russia’s war on Ukraine is a turning point for Germany’s domestic security. However, the strongest warning in the Report is directed at China, which it calls Germany’s “greatest threat in terms of economic and scientific espionage.” Earlier, the German government released, for the first time, a comprehensive national security strategy aimed at expanding Germany’s efforts to counter new military, economic and geopolitical threats. The Report indicated that Germany was one of the most important targets for Chinese investment in Europe in 2022. Direct investment not only provides opportunities for China to close its innovation deficit and achieve technological leadership, but also opens the door to political influence, espionage, and sabotage. These activities could also jeopardize Germany’s competitiveness as an industrial and technological hub and undermine the legal system of a market economy. Ultimately, this threatens to lead to a loss of prosperity and thus jeopardize democracy, social cohesion and Germany’s independence. Chinese Premier Li Qiang was visiting Germany at the time the Report was published.

Source: HK01, June 21, 2023