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Academician Ni Guangnan: There Will Be No National Security without Network Security

People’s Daily interviewed Ni Guangnan, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and professor at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, about network security issues. Ni pointed out that without network security there would be no national security. This is the Chinese government’s point of view today. Ni stated that network security is by no means a purely technical issue and China must raise it to the national strategic level.

Ni said, "Apple, Google, and Microsoft have monopolized the operating system running on intelligent terminals including desktop PCs, notebooks, and smart phones. If China does not have the core technology of the smart terminal operating system, it is impossible to safeguard network security."

Ni also said, "All of the Internet’s root servers are in the hands of the United States and several of its allies. The United States has the actual control. Over the years, a number of countries, including China, have repeatedly asked for ‘international co-administration’ of the Internet, but the United States does not agree. … Therefore, to truly safeguard China’s network security, we cannot have any illusions. We should earnestly take action through the development of future networks; ultimately we must solve the problem that the Chinese public network is dependent on other [countries]."  

Source: People’s Daily, April 29, 2014