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Global Times: There Is No Person in the Military That We Can’t Touch

Global Times published an article promoting the anti-corruption campaign in the military. The article stated that, although the public received the Xi Jinping-headed anti-corruption campaign very well, recently some voices have suggested that this kind of anti-graft action will create chaos in the military. The fallacy was even put forth that "the military can lead the spiritual civilization campaign, but not the anti-corruption campaign."

The article rebutted these views by stressing that only a clean army can defend the country well. "There is no person in the military that we can’t touch [with a corruption charge]."

The article acknowledged that the anti-corruption campaign is a tough job and suggested three areas to focus on: (1) the officers, (2) the two fields where corruption is intense – personnel management and military property management, and (3) the cause of corruption – low moral standards and wrong ideology.

Source: Global Times, May 12, 2014