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Politburo Group Study on Safeguarding State Security

On April 25, the Politburo held the 14th group study on safeguarding the State security. Xi Jinping spoke again to repeat his emphasis on the issue. Earlier, on April 15, at the first session of China’s newly established State Security Committee, Xi had hosted the meeting and given a speech on State security. 
A Study Times article described the concept of State security as "a complete system including State security in eleven main areas: politics, homeland, military, economic, culture, social, technology, information, ecology, resources, and nuclear."
The article continued that China’s State security has its "domestic and foreign elements that are more complicated than at any other period in the history." "China is facing a dual pressure. Internally, it’s about political security and social stability; externally, it includes pressure on national sovereignty, state security, and its interests in development."
Source: Study Times, May 12, 2014