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China State Media Uniformly Talked About People in Western Countries Not Having Enough Food to Eat

A Chinese netizen found that China’s state media collectively reported that people in Western countries do not have enough food. He concluded that “the official media’s intensive spreading of news that foreigners don’t have enough to eat is to tell you that hard times are coming (to you).” (Editor’s note: The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) logic is to tell Chinese people that people in other countries are in a horrible state and therefore, when hardship comes to the Chinese, they can justify or accept it since they are no worse off than those foreigners.)

The netizen gathered screenshots of several CCP controlled media around June 30:

  • Xinhua News Agency said, “One in every seven Brits didn’t have enough to eat last year;”
  • People’s Daily claimed, “Australia’s low-income families face severe cost-of-living pressure;”
  • China Daily claimed, “Homeless people in New York shelters hits record high of over 100,000;”
  • Xinmin Evening News, a media owned by Shanghai government, claimed, “One fifth of the German population is at risk of poverty;”
  • The Global Times reported, “Japanese media: Inflation soars, Japanese elderly can’t afford to eat fish.”

Source: Aboluo website, July 3, 2023