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Fiji Renamed Taiwan Representative Office under Pressure from Beijing

The Fiji government, under pressure from Beijing’ changed the name of Taiwan’s Representative Office in its country from “The Republic of China (Taiwan)” to “Taipei.”

The previous Fiji government had a closer relationship with China. Under China’s pressure, on March 15 it renamed the Taiwan representative office to “Taipei Trade Office in Fiji.” It later signed a secret treaty with China on police exchanges, which allowed China to station a police force in this Pacific island country. A pro-democracy multi-party joint government took power earlier this year after the general election. The new government restored the Taiwan office’s original name from “Trade Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Republic of Fiji.’  However, 3 months later the Fiji government reverted it back to “Taipei Trade Office in Fiji.”

Zhou Jian, China’s Ambassador to Fiji, expressed that China appreciated Fiji for following the “one China” principle. He said that he had successfully convinced the Fiji government to rename the Taiwan office.

Fiji also faced a strong backlash from China after its new Prime Minister started to consider stopping the police exchange treaty with China.

Source: Voice of America, June 22, 2023