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Study Times: Recent Trends in News Release Reform

Study Times published an article summarizing recent trends in the Chinese government’s efforts to manage public opinion and magnify the voice of the authorities, especially in the implementation of regularly issued official news releases. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party demanded this "move forward in the institutionalization of news releases."

First, the institution of issuing official news releases, which started in 2003 at the level of central and provincial governments, is expanding to lower level and grass roots governments.

Second, the media and the public do not fully grasp the official news releases. The article suggested that the official news should be connected to social issues that garner public attention.

Third, the official news releases now take multiple formats and adapt to different situations. In addition to regular press conferences, there are also web releases, exclusive interviews, news briefings, news conferences at the event location, and increases in the Q&A portion.

Finally, according to Xi Jinping’s speech given to provincial level officials in the Central Party School in 2009, leading officials at different levels are now required to interact with the media and leading cadres should "improve their ability to deal with the media."
Source: Study Times, June 2, 2014