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Global Times: China Can Use the Gun to Solve Territorial Disputes

Global Times, or Huanqiu Shibao, a state newspaper under People’s Daily with a focus on international news, published an article stating that it is perfectly fine for China to "fire a gunshot" when dealing with territory disputes with its neighbors.

The article argued that peaceful development and regional war coexist in the world. "A country should have the right to development, the right to peace, and the right to have a war." "During China’s peaceful rise, to safeguard the sovereignty of its national territory and its ocean rights," China can "selectively choose to use force or peaceful negotiations." There is no need to tie its hand with the notion of "peaceful development."

"China’s renaissance includes economic development, as well as safeguarding its ocean territory and recapturing its lost islands." When the opportunity for recovering its lost territory comes, China should not hesitate to grab it.

Source: Global Times Online, June 10, 2014