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Siemens Terminates Partnership with Chinese Military Company Amidst International Concerns

Siemens has terminated its partnership with Beijing Transemic Technology (北京天圣华信息技术有限公司), a Chinese company accused of using Siemens technology to upgrade Chinese military equipment. The US placed Transemic on its sanction list on June 12 for its involvement in developing supersonic weapons as well as design and manufacturing of air-to-air missiles. It was also reported that Transemic resold Siemens software to China’s defense research universities linked to the Chinese military. Siemens was initially reluctant to terminate the partnership despite negative media coverage, but the company eventually decided to end all dealings with Transemic.

The European political sphere has become more sensitive to China’s military expansion, with the President of the EU Commission warning future relations with China in sensitive high-tech areas. Germany’s Foreign Minister has also advocated for stricter controls over exports to China,
particularly for “dual-use” products with both civilian and military applications.

Source: Deutsche Welle, July 17, 2023不卖了压力山大-西门子终止与中企合作/a-66253259