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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Countries Should Not Interfere in Hong Kong Affairs

BBC Chinese recently reported that Hua Chunying, the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, warned that Hong Kong affairs are internal to China and other countries better stop their interference. Since Beijing published the White Paper on Hong Kong on June 10 (Editor’s note: See Chinascopes briefing from June 11 at:, both the U.S. and the British consulates have criticized the policies explained or laid out in the White Paper. When the press asked Hua to comment on the US/UK reactions, she advised, “They should read the White Paper more carefully and contribute more to Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.” The U.S. State Department commented that the United States expected China to keep the promises it made in the Hong Kong Basic Law. The well-respected Hong Kong Bar Association later issued an announcement clarifying that the White Paper is “incorrect” in stating that Hong Kong judges and judicial officers are part of the executive branch that “rules” Hong Kong.
Source: BBC Chinese, June 12, 2014