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Qiushi: The Unity of Developing the Socialist System and Improving the National Governance Systems

Qiushi reported on a speech that Xi Jinping recently gave at the opening ceremony of the Seminar for Major Provincial Leaders to Study the Decision of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee. In his speech, Xi stated that "[We] must fully understand the overall goal of comprehensively deepening reforms. It is a unity of two sentences: Improve and develop the Socialist system with Chinese characteristics and advance the modernization of national governance systems and governance capacity."

The Qiushi article discussed how to understand Xi’s statement. It explained the "unity" or the "same goal" of developing the social system and improving governance system: the CCP "should, via improving and developing the Socialist system with Chinese characteristics, implement the institutionalization, standardization, and procedures of governing the Party, the nation, and social affairs," and also "via building up the national governance system, develop the Socialist system with Chinese characteristics."

It further elaborated on the "national governance culture" and affirmed its importance in applying Marxist theory and the "correct political viewpoint and value system" to guide the national governance system.  

Source: Qiushi Online, June 15, 2014