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Internet Article: Sad to See Shanghai Economy Fall to This Level

A Chinese netizen posted an article describing store closures in the key areas of Shanghai. The article provides an angle on the run-down economy of Shanghai as well as throughout broader China.

The author gave examples of three sites, representing small, mid-sized, and large retail stores.

  • Shanghai Train Station: There used to be many small stores selling stationery, mobile phone covers, clothes, etc., along its underground tunnel. These stores are now closed.
  • Hongqiao Train Station: There used to be many mid-sized stores, but most of them are now closed. The train station was hot and the author wondered if the authority couldn’t even afford air conditioning there.
  • Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street: This is a premium shopping district in Shanghai with many large retail stores. Zhidi Square Plaza, a landmark retail plaza, was closed, with some stores at upper level of the plaza still open.

1. Central News Agency (Taiwan), July 24, 2023
2. (copy of the original posting)