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Chinese Military Think Tank on China’s Participation in Arctic Affairs and Development

On June 18, the Defense Policy Research Center of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences, a Chinese military think tank, issued its "Strategic Assessment 2013." The report consisted of six parts: the preface; the global strategic situation; maritime competition and cooperation in the Asian Pacific; new trends in cyberspace security; development and cooperation in the Arctic region; international competition in space; and trends in missile defense development. 

The report noted that China has an important strategic interest in the Arctic. Participation in Arctic affairs and development has a long-term significance in supporting national security and sustainable development. 
The report said that the rich oil and gas resources in the Arctic and the convenient shipping conditions are important for ensuring the sustainability of China’s economic development. The Arctic is expected to become an important overseas energy supply base for China in the future.  

The report pointed out that China will promote the efforts of the international community to intervene in affairs of the Arctic, ensure transparency of the Arctic’s governance, prevent a few countries from monopolizing Arctic affairs, and defend the legitimate interests of non-Arctic countries. 

Source: People’s Daily, June 18, 2014