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The “Four-Don’ts Youth” vs. the “Four-Wants Youth”

Since April 2023, the phrase “Four-Don’ts Youth” (“四不青年”) has been circulating on the Chinese Internet, referring to Chinese youths who “don’t look for a date, don’t get married, don’t buy a house, and don’t have children” (“不找对象、不结婚、不买房、不要孩子”). It is another form of “lying flat,” a negative life attitude among young people who have lost hope in life and decide not to put in effort to change their situation.

China’s communist regime is concerned about the country’s demographic situation — it needs people to produce more babies and spend more money so as to head off economic stagnation. A document reportedly from the Guangzhou Municipal Communist Youth League said that, in survey of 15,501 individuals, 1,215 respondents have chosen to follow the “Four-Don’ts” lifestyle. The authorities called for converting youths from “Four-Don’ts” to “Four-Wants” (“want to look for a date, want to get married, want to buy a house, and want to have children” (“要谈恋爱、要结婚、要买房、要孩子”).

Source: China Digital Times, July 19, 2023