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Australia and U.S. Establishing Joint Intelligence Center

Major Australian Chinese language newspaper Australian Chinese Daily recently reported that the agreement just reached at the Annual Meeting of the Australian and US Defense Ministers (AUSMIN) has further deepened the Australia-US military alliance. In response to China’s growing threat to regional stability, U.S. intelligence analysts will be placed in the defense intelligence agency in Canberra, and Australia’s northern air base will be expanded to accommodate more U.S. military aircraft. The talks also reached an agreement to re-expand the deployment of the U.S. military in Australia, including amphibious combat forces and maritime reconnaissance aircraft. As expected, the U.S. will provide advanced technology to aid in Australia’s domestic production of missiles and will ensure that Australia is a secondary supplier of U.S. missiles.

According to the Daily report, the AUSMIN communiqué contains multiple criticisms of China. It accuses China of exacerbating regional tensions with its “excessive maritime claims,” urges China to end its threat of force against Taiwan, and asks Beijing to cooperate with the United States constructively.

The new Australia-U.S. joint intelligence center is likely to track China’s security agreements with countries in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, as well as to monitor China’s further militarization efforts in the South China Sea.

Source: Australian Chinese Daily, July 31, 2023
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