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People’s Daily: “Strike Hard!” – CIA Spy Busted by Chinese National Security

People’s Daily reported that a Chinese national, last name Zeng, has been arrested for spying on behalf of the US. According to the article, Zeng was born in July 1971 and works at a Chinese military industrial company. Zeng had access to important classified information. When Zeng was sent to study in Italy by the Chinese government, an official named “Seth” from the U.S. Embassy in Italy approached him and eventually recruited him to be a CIA spy. Zeng signed a spy agreement with the U.S. and participated in CIA examinations and training. After returning to China, Zeng met secretly with CIA personnel many times, providing a large amount of core intelligence information to the U.S. and receiving money from the U.S.

The People’s Daily article follows CIA Director William Burns’ recent statement that the U.S. has made progress in rebuilding its spy networks in China, as well as the U.S.’ recent arrest of two Navy servicemen accused of transmitting military information to China.

Source: People’s Daily, August 11, 2023